Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The fight for refugee women continues

Working together with local individu­als, groups organizations, Institutions and Government Departments with the intension of seeking ways of empow­ering refugee women and girls, to improve themselves, their self esteem and quality of life. We believe that it was a God designed step that saw the establishment of WWWA, as there is continuous prevalence of wars, and political conflicts in the continent that continues to displace more and more people many of them women and children. Although there is a lot of work being done in this area to protect refugees as well as displaced people.

“We found a need to work with women and girls as most often their issues are overshadowed by more pressing needs of fami­lies and in trying to establish a need for women to be recogn­ised both by private and public institutions”
We are saying that the needs of refugee women out number the needs of the ordinary person in this community.

Our aim is to lead the women s struggle into another dimension, in other words to arm refugee women with the skill to participate in the fight for the liberation of this continent That they will be able to take part in build­ing blocks that connect the struggle for equality with in the existing systems.

WWWA is running a number of projects such as, HIV/AIDS aware­ness and Management Program, Arts and Culture, Healing of memories, advocacy and Lobbying, Research and Student support, women’s leadership training.

Some of the projects are that will soon come into being are the crèche, and an empowerment centre for the women.

However we are facing many challenges in terms of number of people that want our assistance, but we don’t have material and rescourses.

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