Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The new Minister of Home Affaires

Members of WWWA came together this weekend to review achievements and the challenges in the last ten months. There was a lot spoken about in terms of successes but the one thing that dominated our discussions was the issue of the Refugee Reception Centre in Cape Town.
This was not the first time the department and its problems have taken central stage in any refugee gathering, but this time around it was all on a positive note.
I thought it is important to share with whoever is interested how refugee women feel about the minister.
Some say she is a real woman with a heart of gold, some have declared that only Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma our beloved Minister of Home Affaires could move the department from the “hell hole in Nyanga” where many refugees lost their lives and belongings, to a
“Better place” where it is now, they think the woman is a god sent savior. Sometimes it is important not to jump to conclusions, that this place in Maitland is actually a better place. Refugees generally feel that the Home Affaires department is better off any where else than in any black town ship in this province
Generally at WWWA we are of the view that peoples views are important if any kind of change needs to take place, the refugee community is relatively happy with the way Mrs Dlamini Zuma has handled issues and they believe that with all the support that she deserves she will make a difference to the departments
We also believe that Zuma has brought real change to the refugee reception centre here in Cape Town we also believe that she could not do so with out the help of the entire team that she has put together, we want to congratulate her on her humanitarian mission and to say to her it takes a woman of great courage, love, empathy, sympathy, power and great moral standing to do what you are doing.
Madame you embody all the good things that a child could want in a mother, and that a nation can want in a citizen, you have inspired us a great deal and we are proud of you.
I think you make south africa proud