Thursday, May 28, 2009

after khayelisha what next

The community conversation took place in Khayelisha on 16 May 2009. It is exactly one year today when foriegn nationals and even some South Africa citizens were brutally attacked and some lost their lives. The Nelson Madela foundation in collaboration with some Faith based organisations NGOs as well as CBOs are working to bring peace to some of the communities across the country where the impact was highly disturbing .

The aim of the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s community dialogue programmes is to promote social cohesion by creating a safe place in which members of a community can come together to discuss the challenges they face and find sustainable solutions.

It was fitting, therefore, that the khayelisha community created a space for organisations and community member to discuss the challenges facing this community and many others in South Africa after the recent attacks.
with this first conversation over , we are still divastaed to recieve news of Somali business men murdered in the Western cape over the weekend .
and in khayelishea and phillipi Somalis are living in fear as they have been told to move out with their businesses and families as soon as posible
In the settlement camps , over 400 people including women and childern are living in poor conditions.
the question is. What do we do now? what else needs to be done ?Who else is behind this misery ?

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